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29 April 2014

Throughout the incubation phase of my Do School Fellowship, the challenge lab has been the toughest and most time demanding Lab. Among key demanding aspect of the challenge lab sessions which at some points I really hated because of its time consuming nature were; countless group works, presentations, target group interviews and market researches. But little did I know at… read more

How to make a good video?

29 April 2014

Today was our last Media Lab. It’s great to see how much we could improve in our brands in the last weeks. We’ve learned more about social, corporate identity, websites and much more. Now we are ready to come back home and promote our brands. And is there a better way to present our projects than using a video for… read more


23 April 2014

At the crack of dawn GOOD TO GO’s elite fighting force of entrepreneurs, sales junkies and idea-machines rocked up to the doors of Brooklyn Roasting Company to prep the pad for the launch of CupCycle! The three day pilot’s first morning rush got-off to a flying start with fellows clad in sexy black GOOD TO GO T-shirts speaking directly to the busy… read more

The Time of Pitching Quick Approaches

21 April 2014

I suppose the sign of a good challenge is that the time flies while you are pursuing solutions to it. In the case of NYC’s Sustainable Cup Challenge, this has certainly been the case. The time has come and gone altogether too quickly and now we stand on the precipice overlooking our final couple of weeks, and the opportunity to… read more

All Hands On Deck!

21 April 2014

Our plans are beginning to wrap up as we prepare for the week ahead.  We were all scrambling on this last Challenge Day of the week to make sure everything was in order for our Sunday Cup Hunt event, the Cup Cycle Pilot from Monday to Wednesday at Brooklyn Roasting Company, and the Launch Event at The Hudson Company Tuesday… read more

Are you ready to pitch, fellow?

21 April 2014

I’ve known how to present since university, but were those good presentations? I questioned myself after Katherin started the class with the important elements of pitch deck. We learned that a successful presentation should contain cool template and design. At the same time the content and flow have to be interaction, and the structure of individual slide has to be… read more

Party on Earth Day – Are you GOOD TO GO?

18 April 2014

The day looks so bright and the sky blue from the window of our apartment, beckoning me to step out of the house. It wasn’t until I swung the door open did I realize the every step of the stairway was covered in a transparent sheet of ice. Oh yes, it had snowed the night before, in the middle of… read more

4 Updates from Challenge Lab

17 April 2014

First day of the 8th week. The Challenge Lab.   Many people are missing this morning. Most due to cold and flu. Some of them are out of town. The preparations for next “big” week is on course. Each members are working hard and together to achieve something special, concrete and tangible. This is exciting and exhausting!! Good News! We… read more

10 Things to Learn about Public Speaking

15 April 2014

The day was all about prepping the fellows for the big video recording day and pitching nights for presenting our ventures. It was another great day filled with practical public speaking tips with our mentor Farai Chideya. Here are a few nuggets of thought to carry with you on your next public speech:   Visualization are a powerful tool for… read more

3 life changing lessons from 3 Serial Social Entrepreneurs!!

13 April 2014

3 life changing lessons from 3 Serial Social Entrepreneurs!!  Have you ever experienced a day when you look at someone and feel, this is what i want to be?..  thats exactly how i felt today learning about these entrepreneurs-   Charles Best-Charles started DonorsChoose, 14 years back when he sensed a disconnect in the needs of public school teachers, like… read more